Celebrate Black History Month
Feb 17, 2023
Ralph Bledsoe
Celebrate Black History Month

Ralph Bledsoe, Science Teacher and Public Servant

Bledsoe, originally from Los Angeles, attended Northfield Mount Hermon and the University of Southern California. He now teaches physics and chemistry at Andover High School, AHS, that is in the top 5.4% of U.S. Public High Schools. At AHS, he works with international teachers yearly from the Fulbright/TEA program at U. Mass. Lowell, showing them the U.S. education system in Andover. He is also Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee for the Andover Education Association, teacher union.

Bledsoe is Clerk for Andover Baptist Church and Vice-Chair of the Council on Aging Board for The Robb Center Andover Elder Services. He won a Massachusetts State House Award, Black Excellence on the Hill, for delivering King’s I Have a Dream speech to the four corners of Massachusetts and now is on the North Andover Celebrates African American History Month Taskforce.