Jan 06, 2023
Jacki Byerley and Lisa Schwarz
Town of Andover Zoning and Master Plan Update

The Zoning Bylaw Recodification has been a multi-year process, starting with the budget request for funding of a consultant to help Town staff, to the request for proposals to select the consultant, selection of a working group, public input meetings then to a final submission of the recodified bylaw for Town Meeting.  Barrett Planning Group in collaboration with Robert P. Mitchell, FAICP was chosen as the consultant to assist the Town with the recodifying of the bylaw.  

The current Zoning Bylaw was adopted by Andover Town Meeting in 2001. Since then, the Town has added a new zoning district (ID2); 3 overlay districts (Senior Residential Community Overlay District, Medical Marijuana Overlay District and Historic Mill Overlay District); rezoned areas from Single Residence A (SRA) to General Business (GB) and Industrial A (IA) to Single Residence A (SRA), amended sections of the sign bylaw, Table of Uses, home occupations, historic preservation and other key sections of the bylaw. It is time to improve accessibility of the bylaw by reformatting and reorganizing content to make it navigable, eliminate confusing language and to clarify existing provisions.  In a few instances portions of the bylaw were revised to be in conformance with state statutes, state standards and current case law.