Feb 09, 2024
Fran Healey and Char Lyons
Andover's Farmer Market

With a strong business background and a passion for supporting local food systems, Fran eagerly embraced the opportunity to spearhead the Andover Farmers Market initiative when it transitioned to South Church from the Andover Center for History and Culture. Since its inception during the global pandemic in June 2020, AFM has thrived, attracting over 40,000 visitors, and injecting over half a million dollars into the local economy. Under Fran’s stewardship, AFM has made important strides in improving access to healthy food, with hundreds of shoppers using their SNAP and Market Match benefits to procure fresh, local food.

Fran and the devoted team of volunteers who run the market take pride in witnessing AFM embody its mission of connecting the community through the joy of local food. One of Fran's favorite aspects of being involved with AFM is experiencing the palpable joy exhibited by both vendors and shoppers at the market.

When she’s not dedicating her time to the market, Fran enjoys practicing and teaching at Andover Home Yoga and exploring Plum Island Sound on her paddleboard.