Celebrate First Night!

Andover is thrilled to be celebrating Andover’s 375th Anniversary as we close out 2021 and welcome 2022! Join us in downtown Andover on December 31st for live music, a noise parade, fireworks, horse drawn carriage rides, ice sculptures, and much more!

We Caught You Doing Good & Having Fun!
2020-2021 Highlights & Celebrations
Welcome New Members!!
 Club Secretary, Pete Johnston welcomes new Rotarians Wanderleay "W" Tejada and Joel Leider
Let's Celebrate You!
Member Birthdays
Michelle Houlihan
May 20
Karla Rossi
May 26
Jamie Lyman
May 27
Peter Caruso
June 4
Richard Stern
June 9
Mark Spencer
July 30
Join Date
Amy Salant
May 1, 2015
9 years
Claudia Soo Hoo
May 10, 2019
5 years
Bill Pennington
May 20, 2022
2 years
Mark Spencer
June 7, 1995
29 years
Paul Mercandetti
June 7, 1995
29 years
Peter Caruso
June 7, 1995
29 years
Richard Stern
June 7, 1995
29 years
Greg Chastain
June 10, 2022
2 years
Ofelia Ndrecka
June 10, 2022
2 years
Jamie Lyman
July 1, 1995
29 years
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May 24, 2024
BoSox Club
May 31, 2024
Planning for What’s After Working 9 – 5 - meeting at Robb Center
Jun 07, 2024
House of Hope
Jun 14, 2024
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Cheers to 2021, Cheers to YOU!
Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful Andover Rotarians, prospective Rotarians, and friends of Rotary!
We’re halfway through my term as the 2021/2022 President of Andover Rotary, and it’s a good time to “check in” on the progress of some of the goals we set to accomplish this year.
For philanthropic giving, our club is having a phenomenal year.  Al Timms and his fabulous peers on the philanthropy team have been giving thoughtful consideration to every grant request, and making exceptional recommendations.  We are two thirds complete of our club’s annual goal of providing $35,000 support to local (and global) charitable organization…with six months to go.  We also had another successful “tens for turkey” 2021 campaign.
Our youth and service areas are also thriving.  Alan Michel and the Interact Club at AHS are involved in numerous activities supporting the high school, and town (including helping the Andover 375 committee, and upcoming 1st night celebrations). We’re active as Rotarian school readers in the elementary schools.  Lots of service, providing food at the 375 town festival this past September, supporting Lazarus house, doing cleanups at Ironstone Farms, building at Habitat for Humanity, and more!  Paul is committed to continue coordinating at least 1 service opportunity each month.  Please feel free to share your ideas with him, and volunteer when you’re able.
Mark has been supporting and helping the many new people who have recently joined our club, and those eager to join our club.
Working with the local restaurants and clubs to host our club’s weekly meetings has presented some challenges this year, but we’re thrilled the Doubletree is able to provide a great breakfast and room each Friday morning, and we’re taking steps to improve the AV/screen/video performance there.  34 Park provided exceptional food and service at our annual Holiday Party, and when we were having breakfasts there too.
Those are just a few highlights of the past six months.  Looking ahead, we’re now forming committees to support our largest fundraiser of each year, the Andover Citizens Who Care Gala!  LOTS of activity to start for that right after the New Year.  We have an aggressive fundraising goal to support our philanthropy, and I am confident we’ll meet (or beat that goal).  The Endowment committee is make wonderful progress to design and implement a program we can be proud of for generations, which will support local and global grants and scholarships.
Excellent weekly speakers, great meetings, fun valuable service projects, new members, bell ringing, Andover 375, 1st night…so many things, past and future to be excited about and proud of.  THANK YOU for all your support and caring.  Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.  Andover Rotary is rocking it this year, and it’s because of YOU and your contributions.
Happy Holidays!!!
President Al Ruthazer
A Night Out For Ironstone Farm!

Spirit of Giving Gala: Galloping Into The Future

Ironstone's Gala will pay tribute to the many contributions of these families who have been a substantial part of creating Ironstone's past and its bright future. Thank you to all the Rotarians who attended and donated!

Ironstone was thrilled to honor the following:

Diane Lindsay Tower and the Lindsay and Tower Families

Diane Lindsay Tower has followed in the footsteps of her parents, Dr. Richard and Betty Lindsay, to offer tremendous support to Merrimack Valley and Ironstone Farm specifically. For two generations, members of the Lindsay and Tower families have offered lifetimes of service to local families and their beloved pets through the caring operation of Andover Animal Hospital. With Diane joining Challenge Unlimited's nonprofit board, she continues a tradition of supporting both equines and humans at Ironstone.

During these past 20 months of COVID alone, Diane provided the most significant contribution toward completely redoing Ironstone's main horse paddock for the first time in decades. This has created a drier, safer and more modern space for volunteers, staff and the majority of the nonprofit's horses. Diane also paid for other vital needs during the height of the pandemic, including months of hay to feed the horses that help improve lives every day. 

This continued the tradition of care for Ironstone started by her father, who introduced Diane to Ironstone when she was a little girl. Dr. Lindsay was the veterinarian for Ironstone for many years and contributed substantially to pay off its debt and make it sustainable. When government and insurance programs stopped paying for children 3 and older to receive therapy, he suggested the "Sponsor a Child" idea that has helped hundreds of children continue their life-changing rides, regardless of their families' ability to pay. Diane, her brother David, and the Lindsay and Tower families have generously started an endowment to support Sponsor a Child for the long-term.

RayVets (Raytheon Employee Veterans Network)

For the past several years, members of the Raytheon Employee Veterans Network have come on Fridays to Ironstone Farm and donated their time and talent. The group has used its knowledge and passion to turn Ironstone's original 3-bedroom, 1-bathroom farmhouse into a 13-bedroom, 6 bath retreat house that will improve veterans' and others' lives for decades to come. Veterans who fly in from around the country for weekend retreats soon will be able to stay at Ironstone Farm during their visits, making these experiences even more immersive and life-changing. 

This fits into the goal of the RayVets organization, which is made up of Raytheon employees who are veterans and supporters interested in giving back and helping veterans successfully transition to civilian life. Led by Charlie Orosz, Sam Sullivan and Brendan Hamm, the local RayVets group has saved Ironstone's nonprofit significant amounts of money and kept this life-saving retreat-farmhouse project moving forward even during COVID. In addition to their work at the farmhouse, some committed RayVets have helped elsewhere on the farm, building and repairing structures needed by Ironstone's horses and staff to continue to serve veterans, children with special needs and others.

Looking To Help In Other Ways?

Donate to support our programs, and help sponsor a child in need. During this time it will support our nonprofit programs, with our pledge that we will sponsor families as more programs reopen and we are able.

Mark Spencer is Calling all Bell Ringers!
For five straight years the Rotary Club of Andover has brought home the Salvation Army Top Bell Award. Our annual bell ringing shift brought in more money than any other organization in the Merrimack Valley, including those pesky Free Christian Church ringers.
This year will be the best yet because Christmas eve is on a Friday! So we are a go for December 24, from 9 to 5 in front of Old Town Hall to claim, once again, the top bell.
We will do it by the hypnotic power of our dancing, the sounds of Christmas music coming out of Doug Mercurio's boom box and Doug Mercurio himself doing a good imitation of a mafia loan shark.
We have filled up 23 of the 24 slots (three per hour). So I added a fourth slot so that more Rotarians can join in the fun.
Email me ( your preferred time slot.
And get your ugliest Christmas sweater, jingle bell swag and Santa hat and practice those dance moves.
Ho ho ho and L'Chaim,
Rotary Happenings.....
Tens for Turkeys!
A huge shoutout to our volunteers for running another successful Tens for Turkeys and a special shout out to Howard for all the love and energy he puts into this drive each year. 
Our Rotarians bagged and loaded 56 turkeys and 56 meals to the Memorial Circle Housing Circle. They also delivered ten turkeys to Bread and Roses in Lawrence. We are so thankful for the work you all do!
The YMCA is Spreading Holiday Cheer

Every year the Merrimack Valley YMCA has a holiday toy drive for the children and families we serve in our communities.  This year the need is great and we have about 50 children in our childcare programs that are unmatched to donors.  If any Andover Rotarians are interested in spreading holiday cheer and sponsoring a child or family, please reach out to me at  Donors are matched with a specific child and provided with a wish list of items.  Gifts can either be picked up by our staff or dropped off at the YMCA.  Thanks for your consideration !