Introducing the 2022 Rotary Club of Andover Citizens Who Care Honorees!
Andover 375th Anniversary Committee
Raytheon RayVets
Francesca Nice
Ronald Hill
Walter and Kathi Salvi
Doug and Amy Cook
Paul MacKay
Susan McKelliget
Hannah Finn
David Fazio
Jade Nair, Student of the Year
Melanie Cutler, Teacher of the Year
Don't forget to mark your calendars for this years Citizen's Who Care . We look forward to seeing you Thursday, 5/19 @ 6:00 PM. 
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We Caught You Doing Good & Having Fun!
2020-2021 Highlights & Celebrations
Citizens Who Care 2022!
Citizens Who Care is Andover's longest running program that honors outstanding community volunteers. Since 1996 the Rotary Club of Andover has honored 10 people each year who have contributed to the local community through their extraordinary volunteer contributions. In 2009, the Club added the Educator of the Year and Student of the Year awards to Citizens Who Care. Those chosen exemplify what it means to be an "unsung hero." They come in all ages and professions.
Let's Celebrate You!
Member Birthdays
Michelle Houlihan
May 20
Karla Rossi
May 26
Jamie Lyman
May 27
Peter Caruso
June 4
Richard Stern
June 9
Mark Spencer
July 30
Join Date
Amy Salant
May 1, 2015
9 years
Claudia Soo Hoo
May 10, 2019
5 years
Bill Pennington
May 20, 2022
2 years
Mark Spencer
June 7, 1995
29 years
Paul Mercandetti
June 7, 1995
29 years
Peter Caruso
June 7, 1995
29 years
Richard Stern
June 7, 1995
29 years
Greg Chastain
June 10, 2022
2 years
Ofelia Ndrecka
June 10, 2022
2 years
Jamie Lyman
July 1, 1995
29 years
Upcoming Speakers
May 24, 2024
BoSox Club
May 31, 2024
Planning for What’s After Working 9 – 5 - meeting at Robb Center
Jun 07, 2024
House of Hope
Jun 14, 2024
Active Shooter Awareness
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Welcome from The President!
It’s hard to believe my tenure as President is almost over, with less than 2 months remaining in my term.  The time has flown by! 
We started the year with aggressive goals, and have achieved many of them.  Our club has had exceptional speakers this year.  We’ve been able to provide financial support to so many worthwhile organizations and causes, and also had several successful service projects.  We’re working to finalize our charitable endowment fund, and update our bylaws.  We’ve done so much, through the efforts of so many people! 
There are three things we each contribute to the organizations we serve:  Time, Talent, and Treasury.  Different members contributing different ways, but altogether EVERYBODY making their own contribution, in the way that works best for them.  The word that best describes my own feelings towards our exceptional club members and our wonderful board is appreciation.  Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something, and that’s what we have here at Andover Rotary…so many people contributing and helping in so many different ways…and it works!  We’re an eclectic group of personalities, experiences, and talents, but together the “whole is greater than the sum of the parts”…it’s an amazing thing about great teams, great families, and great organizations…and Andover Rotary is all three. 
I am looking forward to honoring the wonderful Citizens Who Care, Education of the Year, and Student of the Year on May 19th at 6:00 pm, at the Andover Country Club.  I encourage EVERYBODY reading this to purchase your tickets to this great event NOW, if you haven’t done so yet. 
Thank you again to all of our club members, sponsors, honorees, and supporters.   
Al Ruthazer
President, 2021/2022
Foundation Fun, Grant Updates, & Fundraising with Al Timm
Al Timm, Charitable Trust Fund Chair
Thank you, Andover Rotary Club! Have you ever thought about how important the Andover Rotary Club (ARC) gifts are to the community? The ARC Charitable Trust Fund (CTF) stands with the community of Andover and with projects around the world that promote the goals of Rotary. Just think of the good the club has done this year! Amy Salant has shown us what difference our club gifts make! Think of it! She has raised over $30,000 for the Lawrence Boys and Girls Club (LBGC). And the ARC CTF gave $3,000 towards her goal.
Think of all the youth who benefit from the funds Amy raised, and the support of the ARC and many others. I have seen the work of the LBGC first hand. My wife, Janna Roop, and I help the youth with their homework on Monday afternoons. We see how loved and supported those children are. Last week a 5th grader asked me to help him with his math homework and language comparisons. I could have told him you all are the best club in Andover, and make it better because of all you give!
I can tell that those 200 youth who attend the LBGC after school every day are so grateful for the support the LBGC gives them. Their statistics are amazing. 100% graduate from high school. Every year 90% move up a grade. Every day these kids eat a wholesome dinner and after school snack. They exercise in the gym or pool. They feel supported because people like ARC member Amy Salant invites a lot of friends and clients to support her marathon fund raising goal, and Andrea Nahigian raises money for the LBGC as Director of Development. Besides, Amy ran strong with the help of people who cheered her on at the Boston Marathon, including ARC’s Andrea Nahigian, husband Joe Cronin and their children, and ARC’s Ann Ormond. The ARC also supported PE Claudia Soo Hoo in her Boston Marathon run for Lawrence Squashbusters, whose work in Lawrence has also led to a 100% graduation rate. The CTF gave Squashbusters $2,000 this year in support of Claudia’s marathon goals.
Thank you, ARC, for standing with the boys and girls of Lawrence in the LBGC, the Squashbusters and all the other organizations your giving supported.  At the April Board meeting, Treasurer Don Gottfried shared that club donations have surpassed $10,000 in this Rotary year. The Charitable Trust Committee is working on a full report of what you have accomplished this year and will share it later. Thank you for your gifts! Thank you to those who have sent checks to the fund, and to those who give generously week after week to the CTF as they share happy bucks! And thank you to all who are raising funds to support the CTF as sponsors of Citizens Who Care. All these gifts that stand behind the club’s great work in Andover, the Merrimac Valley and beyond!
Speakers with Annie O!

Rotary can provide a great venue for personal growth and education. As Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

I often feel at the end of our Friday meetings that I have learned something from our members and our speakers. As we look to a new Rotary year I would like to ask you for your speaker ideas for our meetings in 2022 - 2023. Please send me your topic ideas, suggested speakers and even locations for a more regular schedule of Rotary at Night gatherings. Please email me at

Rotary Happenings.....
Andover High Interact Club
Recently the interact club received a mini grant from the Rotary District 7930 to pilot international  micro loan investing through Kiva, an on line platform for worldwide micro finance projects. 
The interact club dove right in and currently has 9 micro loans outstanding… providing support to a range of micro businesses in, Jordan. Albania, El Salvador, Kenya, Mexico, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and USA.
Projects including a range of support for buying supplies and refrigerators for a diary trading business in Jordan, to helping publish children’s books about love and kindness in Chicago.