You are invited to join Andover Coalition for Education (ACE) as a sponsor of the 9th Annual ACE Scarecrow Festival  Over the past eight years, the Scarecrow Festival has grown significantly, expanding the number of beloved scarecrows on Main Street for community members to enjoy while also raising important funds to support innovation in our schools. The Scarecrow Festival brings all different age groups and organizations together to celebrate. This year, more than ever, we need to continue to uplift our community and help provide our schools and teachers with the necessary resources they need to engage our children.
This year, our theme invites participants to set sail, take a road trip, or hop on a plane, asking, "If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?"  From New York City or Paris to the Moon, the choices are endless and we can't wait to see the places our scarecrows will take us! 
We Caught You Doing Good & Having Fun!
2020-2021 Highlights & Celebrations
Let's Celebrate You!
Member Birthdays
Ken Feyl
January 13
Demetrius Spaneas
January 14
Doug Mercurio
January 16
Andrew Betts
January 18
Gail Ralston
January 31
Joel Leider
December 8
Howard Perkins
December 11
Join Date
Al Timm
January 1, 2021
3 years
Paul Salafia
January 20, 2012
12 years
Stephen Fink
January 23, 2015
9 years
Ken Feyl
January 27, 2012
12 years
Demetrius Spaneas
January 29, 2016
8 years
Howard Perkins
February 7, 1997
27 years
Karla Rossi
February 8, 2019
5 years
Craig Saline
February 24, 2012
12 years
Al Ruthazer
December 5, 2014
9 years
David Lindsay
December 31, 2006
17 years
Guess the Rotarian! 
Based on the fun facts below, guess which Andover Rotarian is spot-lighted in this edition of Guess The Rotarian.  The first person to answer correctly (send answers to wins a surprise!
1.  Road a bicycle from Boston to Nova Scotia 
2.Drove home from San Diego after 9/11
3.Spend a week in the Ontario wilderness after being dropped in by sea plane.
Last Month's Rotarian: Gail Ralston! Congrats to Yaroslava for guessing correctly.
Upcoming Speakers
Dec 15, 2023
Club Annual Meeting
Dec 22, 2023
Join us - Ring the bell for Salvation Army
Dec 29, 2023
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President's Corner: What's Your Rotary WHY (and 4 more "W"s too)?
Why people join Rotary is often different than why they stay…but we’ll get to this soon enough.
Who, What, When, Where, and Why…best place to start is at the beginning.
WHO is Rotary?  There are 1.2 million Rotarians around the world (hopefully soon 1.3 million!)  Here in Andover, we’ll soon have 60 members in our 25 year old chapter by this upcoming June.  All Andover Rotarians are passionate about service and helping others, and we either live or work in Andover, but that’s about all we have in common. We’re men and women.  We’re young and old.  We’re tall and short, bald and hairy.  We’re big and small.  We represent various religions, ethnicities, political views, vocations, and more.  Yes, we’re an eclectic bunch, who enjoy each others company, and enjoy helping others.
WHAT is Rotary?  It’s various things, for various people.  We meet weekly to hear great stories, listen to fascinating speakers, and share laughs . We also support various local charities and service opportunities in and around town.  We read at a local elementary school, and fight addiction through substance abuse prevention, treatment support, educations, and awareness.  We help people less fortunate than ourselves serving at a local food kitchen, providing meals for people at Thanksgiving, collecting food at food drives, and more.  We support philanthropic opportunities throughout the World, with our time, talent, and financially.  We support each of Rotary’s “Pillars” of focus.  More about this in an upcoming monthly newsletter.
WHERE is Rotary?  We meet locally in town at various restaurants and clubs, and also support service opportunities in and around Andover, but we also support efforts as far away as Cibu Phillapines, Kenya Africa, Guatemala, and more! Right now our weekly meetings are at 34 Park, in downtown Andover.
WHEN is Rotary?  It’s always.  While our club typically meets on Friday morning, and also on select Wednesday evenings.  Our board meets the 3rd Wednesday morning of each month.  We are Rotarians 24/7.  We remember our 4-way test throughout each day, making ethical choices, and helping others wherever we can, whenever we can.
WHY Rotary?  That’s the most important question. Why people join is often very different than why they stay.  Many join for reasons to help themselves…with business development, social connections, or other reasons.  Others join because their parents were Rotarians, or their friends are Rotarians.  People often stay for years because of the joy and fulfillment helping others, the camaraderie, and more.  It’s a different answer for each Rotarian.  It’s a great question to ask Rotarians you meet at our meetings, service projects, or around town.
Foundation Fun, Grant Updates, & Fundraising with Al Timm
Andover Coalition for Education presents Scarecrow Festival. October 16 - 30 on Main Street, Andover . 
Our club is a part of this great effort to provide curriculum support for teachers. The Andover High School Interact Club will be present with a Scarecrow they are making. Thank you for your donations to the Andover Rotary Club Charitable Trust.
There's No Andover Without Ann!
We just wanted to take a moment to give our very own Ann Ormond a very big shout out and shower her with tons of love this newsletter. The last few weeks Ann has been going above and beyond with Andover's 375th Anniversary events and really is showing off the beauty of Andover through her light, kindness, creativity, and passion. Shawsheen Days and the rest of your events have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you for all you do!
Rotary Happenings.....
Spirit of Giving Gala: Galloping into the Future

Join us Saturday, Nov. 6 at Andover Country Club

Enjoy the party of the year, and support the nonprofit programs of Challenge Unlimited at Ironstone Farm. This year's theme is "Galloping into the Future" so come dressed in the theme of "Back to the Future," take a more futuristic turn or stick to black tie and have a great night for a great cause. While drawing on its successful past, Ironstone is taking major steps to build a more promising future for children with special needs, veterans and others.

Doug & Eric Mercurio Need Your Help!
The Mercurio Family is changing this world and participating in Run For The Troops 5K! So far his team (himself and his10 year old son Eric) have raised over $2,500, all to support veterans charities, including Homes For the Troops.. If you can, please donate to my fundraising project today!
October Volunteer Opportunities Galore!
Let's give a round of applause for the rock star work Paul has been doing with setting up some stellar collaborations for us! Here's what great opportunities we have on deck:
  • Boys/Girls Club
  • Homework Help
  • Rotary Readers 
  • Lazarus House Soup Kitchen
  • Andover Days
  • Senior Center
  • Soapbox Derby
  • Lazarus Clothing Drive
  • Rotary Olympics and more!
Please email Paul if you are interested in signing up.