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DoubleTree Hilton
123 Old River Road
Andover, MA 01810
United States of America

Speaker this week is President Al Timm: Plans for the year. How can we build on a banner year? 

Joining Al: Gail Ralston, Charitable Trust; Al Michel, Service; Steve Fink, Youth; OFelia Ndrecka, Speakers

Other announcements:

July 12, Bourbon > 5, home of Al Timm and Janna Roop, 3 Hood Drive, Andover (watch for an invitation Wednesday)

Please sign up for the Service Project on July 20, Andover Farmers Market

 Meeting July 19 at the Robb Center

I can tell you how we can build on the work of last year's President, Amy Salant and her board: get involved!

I hope to see you Friday! Please sign up by Wednesday for breakfast at 4 PM with one click of your mouse!

Al Timm, President