Project Home Again
Oct 07, 2022
Nancy Kannell
Project Home Again

Project Home Again - Nancy Kannell  

When an acquaintance who was down on her luck came to Nancy and said her stove was broken and she had no money to fix it or buy a new one, she had an idea. Eighteen years later, Nancy’s passion for helping others has led PHA to grow from a one woman operation to a staff of dozens of volunteers serving hundreds of families a year.

At Project Home Again, they partner with social service agencies in northeastern Massachusetts to bring new and gently used household goods, furniture and appliances to low-income families in need.

Our mission is to provide them with the things they need to live with comfort and dignity. We try to make the experience as positive as we can, letting our clients “shop” to choose items that reflect their personality and individual style. It’s what allows us to truly turn their houses into homes.

Our work is people-focused and people-powered, and there are three groups that make the magic of Project Home Again possible — our clients, our volunteers and our donors.