May 31, 2024
Rich Barton
Planning for What’s After Working 9 – 5 - meeting at Robb Center

Please Note - Meeting to be held at the Robb Center, 30 Whittier Court, Andover 

Retirement presents an amazing opportunity for time and activities.   We all need a sense of structure, objectives and social connections.  How will you achieve them?   What will you do?  How will you create a sense of fulfillment and provide value when they are no longer provided by your job?  Let’s explore important considerations together to set your path forward.

Rich is an Executive Coach with extensive experience in the business and corporate sector

leading tech service and R&D organizations as well as in Telecom sales.
Rich uses a holistic approach that brings focus, clarity and direction to clients partnering to
achieve professional and personal goals. He coaches executives, business leaders and high
potential individuals to strengthen their personal foundations and sharpen their ability to build
agile and innovative teams, lead and manage change, and achieve superior business results.
Rich holds an ACC certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and is a
Certified Master Coach accredited by the Center for Coaching Certification. Rich is a Nokia
certified Master Business Coach where he led Nokia’s Latin & North America Coaching
Community to embed a culture of coaching across the corporation. Rich coaches a broad
range of clients internationally, culturally and on a variety of topics including growth,
leadership, communication, career, retirement and personal topics.
Rich led Nokia’s IoT Services team from 2015-2020. He worked with a private equity firm to
turnaround and sell a tech company. Rich is an international leader with extensive experience
across the telco industry working in both the supplier and customer organizations in North
America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.
Founding member of the Coach Consult Group (CCG), a partnership of talented Coaches
offering an extensive range of experiences, tools and perspectives for Clients. All members of
and certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Rich and his wife Joyce live in a Boston suburb where he develops youth leadership in Scouts BSA programs at the troop and district level. He enjoys woodworking, volunteering with non-profits, fitness and biking.