Apr 26, 2024
Suzanne Korschun and Maria Bartlett
Andover Pollinator Pathway

Two years ago, a group of interested Andover residents teamed up to launch an initiative called the Andover Pollinator Pathway. Our mission is to promote native plantings and healthy habitats for pollinators throughout our community. Each of us can make a difference, starting right in our own yards. 

In their presentation, Maria Bartlett and Suzanne Korschun will show you how easy it is to join the Andover Pollinator Pathway. You can put your garden on the map by doing the following five things: 1) plant native plants, including trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowers, 2) reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides in favor of safer alternatives, 3) control invasive plants, 4) reduce lawn size in favor of native plantings, and 5) leave leaves somewhere in the yard in the fall.

They will also discuss their pilot project for the 5th graders at South School and plans to expand to more schools next year. 

You are invited to join the APP in building pollinator friendly habitat in Andover. It’s easy – start small with a mailbox garden and then put your garden on the map!