Tactical Communication Method
Aug 16, 2024
David Reich
Tactical Communication Method

David has had a successful career as a technology and thought leader, and combines that with his passion and talent as a magician, mentalist and stage hypnotist, to create unique
experiences of Entertainment, Education and Enlightenment. David discovered how the principles of a mystery performer can be used to become an overall better communicator, and using this unique insight, he has developed the Tactical Communication Method. Success in all aspects of business and in life is about relationships and communications. In fact, according to Forbes, more people fear speaking to a group than death! Through audience interaction at in-person as well as digital events, David shares techniques and tools to build effective communication skills with his audiences.

Whether interpersonal or business-related communications, engagement is critical, and is also one of the most misunderstood concepts. As a performer, David has mastered the art of developing rapid rapport with individuals and groups, and used that to create massive success in his personal and professional life and he brings this to organizational events world wide. David, through his lens of a performer, creates interactive experiences to enable his audiences to develop the kind of rapid rapport that they can use immediately and will remember for the rest of their lives.

David has developed and delivered customized experiences for individuals and teams including Sales, Management and Leadership training, as well as university classes. From the living room, to the classroom, to the auditorium, David demonstrates true engagement