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About the Andover Cares Fund
Andover Cares and the Andover Cares Fund were established in fall 2015, inspired by several members of the Rotary Club of Andover who lives have been touched by the heroin epidemic plaguing our community, our state, and our nation. "We have club members whose families have been personally impacted," said 2015 Rotary Club President Don Gottfried, "As we polled the community, it was remarkable how many stories we heard of loved ones who had been overcome by addiction."
The first Andover Cares Festival in the Park, October 2015, raised awareness and donations that created the Andover Cares Fund, part of the Andover Rotary Charitable Foundation. The Andover Cares Fund was established to provide money, in the form of grants, to individuals or organizations. Grants may be used for any purpose which will help address the opiate addiction epidemic, including education, prevention, and treatment. Grant requests are considered on a rolling basis. For further information email